We are committed to providing the ultimate user experience in the operation of your DATRON neo milling machine!

By purchasing a DATRON neo you not only acquire immediate productivity – you get a team of DATRON experts to support you after the purchase! Our service options neo pure, neo care and neo complete ensure that you’re milling smart and staying relaxed.

These three scaled support packages contain custom features.



neo pure

The neo pure option is automatically included and free of charge when you buy your DATRON neo

neo care

For an extra annual charge, the neo care provides additional support to ensure your productivity in renowned DATRON quality

neo complete

With the neo complete maintenance contract and the extensive related DATRON services your production runs smoothly

neo pure neo care neo complete
Call-Back Service for Inquiries to Our Hotline YES YES YES
Free Call-Back to Requests Made Through NEO Website E-mail YES YES YES
Online Teamviewer Sessions Upon Request YES YES YES
Free Remote "Virtual" Service During Warranty Period YES YES YES
On-Site Service Quoted and Scheduled Upon Request YES YES YES
On-Site Machine Installation and Training NO YES YES
Free Remote "Virtual" Service Even After Warranty Period NO YES YES
Machine Maintenence Kit NO YES YES
Annual Maintenance and Documentation NO NO YES
Extended Service Hotline ** NO NO YES
Guaranteed Response Time for Phone and E-mail Inquiries (hours) NO 24 12
Guaranteed Response Time for On-Site Service Scheduling (hours) NO 72 48


Prerequisites: none

Contents: You will work for the first time with the DATRON neo CNC milling machine. You will learn more about the structure and operation of the DATRON machining system. You will be taught the basics of three-axis CNC machining and the basic functions necessary to operate the machine. There will be no programming via the DATRON next control system.

The training includes:

  • Machine structure, next software, basic functions, where do I find what;
  • Hand-held control unit;
  • Tool management, tool loading, tool check;
  • Camera operation, setting up of the XYZ-sensor
  • Zero point management, coordinate systems, rotation;
  • Loading a sample program and setting up the machine;
  • Machine maintenance

Goal: After the basic training, you will be familiar with the machine and the DATRON next control system. You will be capable of running three-axis programs as well as setting up the machine for this purpose. Basic maintenance of the machine is also being taught.

The training session is carried out within a group at DATRON AG's premises (Group size: Max. 6 people). The following will be included: Training, food and beverages during training.
We will be happy to assist you with your travel arrangements.

Day 1: See specifications in the section above on neo basic training 1 day

Day 2:

Prerequisites: Experience with a 3D CAM system

Contents: The future user receives an introduction to productive and fast work with DATRON neo by means of two examples (2.5D and 3D machining). The focus is on the creation of the programs with a CAM system (HSMWorks) and the use of DATRON tools.

The training includes:

  • Correct procedure for creating a CAM program for the DATRON neo
  • Selection of appropriate tools
  • Adjustment of the milling parameters
  • Cutting values and recommendations
  • Tips for using the CAM system (chord errors, contour smoothing, etc.)

Goal: After the milling and tool training, you will be capable of using the machine in connection with a CAM system.

Please note: The CAM system (HSMWorks) used in the training session simply serves to demonstrate a procedure. The training does not include the use of the CAM system (CAM training can be booked as a separate training). The participant is therefore not bound to the CAM system used by us.

The training session is carried out within a group on DATRON AG's premises (Group size: Max. 6 people). The following are included: Training, food and beverages during training.
We will be happy to assist you with your travel arrangements and hotel search.