Aerospace Component

Dynamic machining of aluminum for light-weight aerospace components using DATRON neo technology!

The development of highly demanding cutting strategies and the production of aluminum components for the aerospace industry entails numerous technical challenges for your manufacturing process. DATRON provides Industrial milling solutions for the Aerospace industry that set technological, qualitative and economically sustainable standards in matters of production. Our support ranges from giving advice to choosing optimal milling tools, from process optimization to the complete workflow. Only an integrated process chain, highest process safety and an optimized application-specific custom machine with matching tools provide you with that step ahead you need in this highly competitive growth market.

Dynamics HSC Pocket milling

Finishing of wall/floor surfaces with corner radius end mills

M3, M4 and M5 threads

Project Details


185mm x 65mm x 5mm
7.5 Minutes (on a DATRON neo+)

Set-up and machining times

Very short set-up and machining times due to the perfect matching of Industrial technology, software, tools and milling strategy, everything from one single source: DATRON.