DATRON neo was specifically designed and purpose-built to give you an easy and affordable access to high-speed milling. This Plug-and-Play system features the new DATRON next software which gives you full control of 3-axis milling without requiring years of experience as a machinist.

With DATRON neo you receive a high performance out-of-the-box system, that contains numerous hardware and software highlights. The 24” multi-touch operating display, the 3D probe, the integrated (machining area) camera, the 24-tool magazine and the 2kW spindle with minimum-quantity coolant system – all allow you to perform fast, high quality machining from Day One.


Unpacking, commissioning and setting-up the DATRON neo is so simple that you can do it all by yourself. All you need is a standard pallet truck. Of course if you need consultation or support in placing your machine, DATRON Customer Care is always here to help.