Accessory packages.

Be prepared and flexible with our packages for your DATRON neo and DATRON neo+. We have experience and know-how that we can share with you for your benefit!

Our DATRON neo Accessories to help you get started milling right away:

To use a wide variety of tools, you will also receive precisely manufactured adapters and stop rings. These allow the use of tools with different shank diameters. Also included are two ideal insertion tool.

Scope of delivery:

  • 1x adapter insertion tool for 6mm and 8mm collets
  • 1x insertion tool for tools with 8mm shaft diameter
  • 1x adapter collets 3mm to 8mm diameter
  • 1x adapter collets 1/8‘‘ to 8mm diameter
  • 3x adapter collets 6mm to 8mm diameter
  • 6x limit stop ring 8/12.5mm, brass
  • 3x limit stop ring 8/18 mm, brass
  • 1x steel
  • Ruler 300 mm

Secure it to a permanent machine availability. With Our DATRON neo maintenance kit we provide you the necessary products for a careful preventive maintenance.

  • Cleaning agents and lubricants
  • Filter and seal kit
  • Grease Press
DATRON neo Vacuum Table can hold even the smallest of parts on the worktable.

DATRON vacuum module clamping plates offer maximum clamping force and ease of use, achieved by the special DATRON vacuum distribution. Two vacuum plates specifically designed for DATRON neo are operated separately via connectors recessed in the worktable. Each plate is subdivided into 10 segments that - depending on component size - can be activated individually. To distribute the vacuum optimally below the workpiece, we have developed the DATRON VacuCard, a special cardboard, which serves as a sacrificial layer.


  • For easy and secure clamping of sheet material
  • Includes all accessories and consumables required for use of DATRON neo vacuum technology 

Scope of delivery:

  • 2x vacuum module clamping plate 500mm x 200mm (includes limit stop rings and mounting material)
  • 1x vacuum pump
  • 50x VacuCard 500mm x 200mm
  • 50x VacuCard 500mm x 400mm
  • 1x vacuum key
  • 1x double flute end mill stepped with edge radius (for facing vacuum module clamping plates)
DATRON neo Dust Extraction System is the perfect solution to remove small chips during the milling process.

The fine dust generated when machining plastics or wood is removed efficiently with the optional ­DATRON neo dust extraction.


  • Removes dust and small chips for a cleaner machining area and better quality parts
  • Installation by the customer is possible
  • Height adjustment within the control
  • Automatic mode
  • Not for use with coolant

Scope of delivery:

  • Extraction system consisting of suction head with brush and lifting unit
  • Vacuum with air filter
  • Hoses
DATRON neo Pneumatic Work-holding is easy to setup, easy to use and the perfect starter set for this machine. Quick placement with no need to screw anything down - just air pressure.

The pneumatic-clamping system moves with the click of a button to ensure quick job setup and changeover. According to your needs, you can use it on a T-slot plate or in stationary manner.


  • T-nut plate for flexible clamping capability
  • Short-stroke clamping element for quick and secure clamping of work pieces with one hand

Scope of delivery:

  • 1x T-nut clamping plate right
  • 1x T-nut clamping plate left
  • 2x short stroke clamping element KSE-PH
  • 1x dove tail milling tool


Scope of delivery:

  • 1x USB-Tastaturschwarz (staub- und wasserdicht nach IP 68)
  • 1x Metallhalter
  • 4x Schrauben zur Montage am Displayhalter
  • Kabelbinder


  • Vermeidet das Eindringen von Spänen in das Werkzeugmagazin: insbesondere für die Bearbeitung von Kunststoffen und mit ölhaltigen Schmiermedien
  • Einfach nachrüstbar

Scope of delivery:

  • Magazin-Abdeckung
  • Befestigungsmaterial
  • USB-Stick mit Lizenzschlüssel


  • Zur Erweiterung der Möglichkeiten hinsichtlich Mehrseitenbearbeitung, Rundgravuren
  • Wird auf der linken Seite des Maschinentischs positioniert
  • Eine Modulspannplatte mit Zentrierkegeln und einer Griffmulde ermöglicht ein schnelles und genaues Positionieren auf dem Maschinentisch
  • Einfach nachrüstbar

Technische Daten:

  • Spitzenhöhe: max. 55 mm (abweichend bei Verwendung des optionalen Zubehörs)
  • Plug&Play-fähig
  • Aufnahme: Planfläche mit D=106 mm und zentrischer Passung (34h6)
  • Antrieb: 200 Watt AC-Servo mit Zahnriemen, Multi-Turn Absolutwertgeber
  • Modulo-360° Betrieb
  • Auflösung: < 0,0001°
  • Maximale Drehzahl: 60 1/min
  • Abmessungen (X x Y x Z): 109 mm x 244 mm x 145 mm

Scope of delivery:

  • Drehachse auf Modulspannplatte
  • Drehachsensteuerung
  • Lizenz 4. Achse für Steuerung DATRON next

Optionales Zubehör:

Das optionale Zubehör für die Drehachse wird nach Rücksprache passend zu Ihrer Bearbeitung zusammengestellt

  • neo Reitstock
  • neo Dreibackenfutter
  • neo Zentrischspanner


The design and the quality of cutting tools largely determine the cost effectiveness and quality of CNC machining. Due to years of experience and the constant dialogue with our customers, DATRON provides fast and high-quality tooling solutions for optimal machining. Ask your local DATRON sales partner for details.