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  • 05/04/2017

    Ideal for a Wide Range of Materials

    | created by DATRON AG

    DATRON neo demonstrates its flexibility with the example of a prototype component made of PU foam and convinces with a high-quality milling result.

    Mühltal, 04.05.2017 - Contours, boreholes, and pockets without fractions, homogeneous surfaces, and precise milling details, as well as cramped working space conditions are one of the major challenges in prototyping labs and shops. In addition, the industry has a high degree of flexibility when processing a wide variety of materials, which is one of the most frequent requirements for a milling machine.

    In the application example of a prototype component made of PU foam, DATRON neo, the latest milling machine from DATRON AG shows its versatility and convinces with results that do not require post-machining.

    With the compact multi- talented machine, all functional surfaces such as profiles, radii, splines or threads can be implemented quickly with high-quality, so that prototypes are produced from the most varied materials in the same quality. The space-saving 3-axis manufacturing system (B 805 mm X T 1290 mm X H 1880 mm) also allows precise machining of tough materials, and optimized 3D and planar surfaces.

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  • 04/06/2017

    Individual product design milled in high quality

    | created by DATRON AG

    Small batch manufacturers and start-ups become instantly productive with DATRON neo - and stand out from the crowd.

    For a component with wide ranging attributes, numerous milling strategies have to be implemented process-safe in a very short time and without any post machining.

    For the application example of a smartphone housing made of aluminum, the compact DATRON neo milling machine (W 805 mm x D 1290 mm x H 1880 mm, without operating terminal) successfully faces numerous challenges and proves its technical skills in the manufacture of thin-walled geometries and complex structures.

    After it has milled the workpiece dynamically from the solid, the innovative DATRON neo cleanly transfers filigree pins and bars as well as engraving details on curved surfaces, providing a high surface quality and overall high-quality milling results.

    Due to being able to machine various materials, DATRON neo is also suitable as a flexible side-by-side machine in the conventional job shop and can significantly relieve the standard machine park during the production of small batch production.

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  • 03/16/2017

    Less Dust = Higher Efficiency

    | created by DATRON AG

    The dust suction of the new 3-axis milling machine DATRON neo removes finest dust and keeps the machining air clean.

    Especially available for the new compact milling machine DATRON neo, German engineer specialist DATRON AG, also offers a dust collection package that removes fine dust efficiently from the working environment.

    DATRON milling machines for high-speed machining among other things are characterized by the suction technology especially developed for panel processing. This allows nearly chip-free surfaces.

    The height-adjustable DATRON neo dust suction can be easily installed by the machine operator and, in addition to a reduced contamination of the machine, ensures a less pollued working atmosphere. Besides removing dust and the smallest chips during milling, a time-consuming cleaning of the machine is obsolete. The user can achieve high-precision processing result while increasing the production efficiency.

    With this innovative product, DATRON AG not only delivers cutting-edge mechanical engineering "Made in Germany", but also accompanies its customers through the entire workflow, from technology consulting through the sales process to the optimum after sales maintenance and repair services. With DATRON neo, the company has created another product that meets highest quality standards and provides the best solution for a successful and economical production.

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  • 03/02/2017

    Flexible, Precise and Fast

    | created by DATRON AG

    The short-stroke clamping set for DATRON neo offers numerous possibilities for optimal use of the workspace.

    Short-run manufacturers or start-ups often purchase milling machines based on the flexibility, operating convenience and short changeover times that they can provide. In addition, the focus of the decision maker is usually on the versatility of a machine.

    With DATRON neo, DATRON AG, an innovative engineering company based in Mühltal near Darmstadt, Germany, has launched a compact all-round machine that demonstrates high flexibility and ultimate user-friendliness for everyday milling.

    The short-stroke clamping set, available as an option on DATRON neo, consists of two T-slot plates and two short-stroke clamping elements that allow for precise and individual positioning of the workpiece, as well as quick and flexible retrofitting. The combination of the short-stroke clamping element and a T-slot plate is a clever time-saving solution that provides the flexibility to use the work space according to the individual requirements and needs of the machine operator.

    In addition to the short-stroke clamping set, the user can leverage a wide range of different clamping techniques, to quickly secure workpieces, precisely and repeatedly. So, a wide range of projects can be completed according to high-quality standards.

    DATRON AG is committed to delivering cutting-edge German engineering like this while supporting customers through the entire workflow, including technology consulting, sales and after-sales maintenance and repair services. With DATRON neo, the company has created another product that meets the highest quality standards and provides the best solution for successful and economical production.

    You can download the simpl files here:


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  • 02/16/2017

    Exciting Technology for Milling

    | created by DATRON AG

    With the DATRON vacuum clamping system, DATRON AG offers maximum clamping force with easy handling.

    Batch milling small runs of parts from sheet material is an extremely efficient and economical manufacturing method. But, the efficiency of this process depends greatly on the ability to hold flat sheet material securely during machining and also to hold the small, individual parts in place once they’ve been milled free from the sheet material.

    DATRON AG, an expert milling machine manufacturer in Germany, offers a vacuum clamping system with a superior clamping force that holds large sheet material, as well as extremely small finished parts. This system enables short set-up times, easy handling, and quick job change over – all for added manufacturing efficiency.

    The unique design of the DATRON vacuum clamping system ensures superior holding force due to its optimum vacuum distribution, which therefore allows for precise machining of difficult-to-clamp forms and thinnest sheet materials. Various workpieces can be clamped simultaneously on the modular clamping plate, which is divided into segments. This provides setup flexibility and yields time-efficient production.

    As of last year, DATRON AG revolutionized the machine tool industry by introducing DATRON neo.  This vanguard machine has been equipped with two modular clamping plates with 10 individually activated segments. For use with the vacuum set, DATRON offers DATRON VacuCard, a semi-permeable substrate which is used to optimally distribute the vacuum and also act as a sacrificial layer under the workpiece that reduces risk of damage to the table when performing through cuts. With easy setup and handling for the vacuum clamping set, even beginners in high-speed milling can immediately start operating the machine.

    Innovative options like this vacuum clamping system show that DATRON AG is committed to delivering cutting-edge German engineering while supporting customers through the entire workflow, including technology consulting, sales and after-sales maintenance and repair services. With DATRON neo, the company has created another product that meets the highest quality standards and provides the best solution for successful and economical production.


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  • 02/13/2017

    For the Love of Milling

    | created by DATRON AG

    The latest DATRON neo user tutorial inspires CNC enthusiasts not only due to the revolutionary easy operation of the compact milling machine but also delivers the perfect Valentine's Day gift.

    High dynamics are among the central requirements for a high-speed milling machine. However, other aspects such as high surface quality and precise drilling, especially in mold making, are the basis for optimum milling results.

    In the latest DATRON neo user tutorial, DATRON AG, a medium-sized engineering specialist from Germany, shows CNC enthusiasts how to create a last-minute Valentine's Day gift that makes your better half’s heart beat faster. The DATRON neo proves that, besides high dynamics, it offers excellent surfaces, making it an ideal solution for mold making.

    With DATRON neo milling is not only easy but efficient. All functions such as profiles, radii, 3D surfaces, toothings or threads can be facilitated quickly and with high quality using this 3-axis compact milling machine. The DATRON all round talent for small batches and prototype construction shows high dynamics, especially when processing aluminium, and implements a wide range of milling strategies in a very short time.  

    You still have no gift for Valentine's Day? No problem.


    Learn how to easily manufacture one in our heart-melting video tutorial

  • 02/02/2017

    When Ideas Easily Become Reality


    From setup to milling - the compact DATRON neo enables smart flexibility for production

    Facilitating instant productivity and easy milling - the new milling machine DATRON neo gives milling beginners an easy access high-speed milling.

    The DATRON compact milling machine proves to be absolutely user-friendly from the start. Based on the plug & play principle and thanks to the ergonomic, frontal access to the working area, the 3-axis milling machine can be set up easily and reliably for the milling process.

    Once set-up, the machinist immediately get productive even without prior years of professional training. The future oriented control DATRON next supports users and guides them safely and quickly through the milling program similar to a smartphone. The included CAM assistant excels at user-friendliness and supports the user in all processes for the preparation of the milling process. DATRON neo makes it revolutionary easy to set up and calibrate the workpiece. Thanks to the innovative combination of the interior camera and the multi-touch display, the workpiece can be quickly measured using simple gestures. The workpiece then is visualized in 3D so the processing objectives can be checked before machining and precise results are achieved during milling.

    With this innovative product, DATRON AG not only delivers cutting-edge mechanical engineering "Made in Germany", but also accompanies its customers through the entire workflow, from technology consulting through the sales process to the optimum after sales maintenance and repair service: With DATRON neo, the company has created another product that meets highest quality standards and provides the best solution for a successful and economical production.

  • 09/13/2016

    DATRON @ Work 4.0: Innovative Teams = Smart Products

    Innovativeness is a team effort. DATRON AG relies on sustainability for this purpose.

    Industry 4.0. or Digital Transformation at the Workplace are keywords of our era. Concrete implementation is seldom experienced as close as by our DATRON team, where the workplace of the future is already a reality and is constantly an important driver for the market introduction of new generations of machines. A red-hot example: the 3-axis high-speed milling machine DATRON neo, the latest rock star among DATRON’s milling machines. In mid-July, even before its official world première at the AMB industrial trade exhibition (13th to 17th September in Stuttgart), went live with the website of this future-oriented pioneering compact solution for prototyping and small series production, and since then receives enthusiastic feedback from partners and customers. DATRON neo allows a new, simple way of working in a highly complex technological world. Thanks to the easy to understand Plug & Play operating concept, this revolutionary machine offers newcomers to milling the by far easiest entry into CNC milling ever. The operation similar to a smartphone via swipe gestures, allows the user to navigate easily through the milling program of the machine and makes milling nearly as simple as 3D printing: fully-immersed in the world of digitization and increased networking. Our customers and partners should have fun with their daily work. Our DATRON products assist them with a future-oriented operating comfort and an attractive design.

    The foundation for innovative products which delight partners and customers in their daily work, is a motivated team of professionals in a future-oriented work environment. Therefore, mobile and flexible forms of work are deemed a business and competitive advantage by DATRON. We attach great importance to the fact that most of our employees feel good and protected. Hence we promote new forms of work, maintain a flat hierarchy and a relaxed and homely work atmosphere. With offers such as home office, flexible working time models and the integration of modern means of communication (for example Skype for Business) into the daily workday, we create for our employees an environment in which they can work creatively, allowing the emergence of revolutionary products like the DATRON neo. We are constantly looking for new colleagues to develop our innovative production technologies.


    The DATRON personnel management team will be happy to receive online applications at:

  • 09/13/2016

    DATRON AG Receives Red Dot Award for Control Software

    DATRON next receives the prestigious Red Dot Award in the category Communication Design for the first time

    The future of manufacturing technology and thus the future of work are among the key aspects of DATRON’s product development. Functional design but in particular measurable customer benefits were a priority in the conception of the new DATRON control software DATRON next.  This resulted in DATRON AG recently being awarded the Red Dot Award: Communication Design, thus receiving a prize in the Category User Interface Design for the first time.

    In a highly complex technology world, DATRON next, the control software of the brand new and revolutionary 3-axis milling machine DATRON neo, stands out particularly through its easy to understand operating concept. DATRON next convinced the international Red Dot jury members owing to its ultimate user-friendliness and high design quality for which the DATRON in-house design department is responsible. In the age of the fourth industrial revolution, DATRON AG sets new standards in the field of tool machines with DATRON neo and DATRON next.

    Based on the Plug & Play principle, even less experienced operators and HSC beginners can control the 3-axis milling machine DATRON neo right away using the easily understandable DATRON next software. The user interface is intuitive for the user due to its control style via swipe gestures similar to a smartphone and the software interface in tile design. Using wizards and an integrated camera, the machine operator is led through the milling programme in just a few steps and aided by self-explanatory icons and realistic tools and components shown in 3D for fast identification of various machine functions.

    Gregor Leinfelder (28), Head of Product Management at DATRON, considers the first Red Dot Communication Award as the first confirmation of a highly successful R&D approach: “In developing the new DATRON next control software, we have taken into account the change of generation among operators. In particular, the combination of smartphone-like use via a multi-touch display and the interior camera offer newcomers to milling the hitherto easiest entry into CNC-milling.”

    DATRON AG could already rejoice in July over its fourth Red Dot Industrial Design Award, received this year for its revolutionary 3-axis milling machine. The Communication Design Award for DATRON next is thus the fifth Red Dot award received by DATRON AG due to the work of the in-house design team led by Frank Wesp (40).

  • 09/12/2016

    DATRON Uses Smartphone Approach for New Milling Machine - "Smart Milling"

    In addition to highest production quality and maximum added value DATRON AG presents new compact milling machine and makes milling easier than ever before

    From 13 through 17 September visitors to this year's AMB can experience the immediate future of manufacturing technology live with chips flying at the DATRON booth (Hall 7, Stand A52). In addition to targeted developments of best DATRON technologies for high-speed milling in particular aluminum, plastics, composites and other high-tech materials, the mechanical engineering specialist from Mühltal near Darmstadt showcases for the first time its ultra- compact new product DATRON neo with a revolutionary control.

    As a fully equipped HSC milling machine DATRON neo convinces amongst other things with its ultra-compact size (B 80 cm x D 130 cm x H 190 cm, 700 kg), which fits through a standard door. The all-rounder for manufacturing individual parts and small quantities allows a focused machining of particularly aluminum, nonferrous metals, wood, plastics and composites. With its high-frequency 2 kW spindle the Red Dot Award-winning product innovation achieves with small tools excellent surfaces and filigree engraving details, and due to its ability to machine diverse materials is also a very flexible complementary machine in conventional production environments.

    Based on the plug & play principle even less experienced operators and HSC beginners can immediately control the 3-axis DATRON neo milling machine by means of the brand new and easy to understand DATRON next software. Operation with swipe gestures makes milling almost as easy as using your smartphone. Assistant functionalities and an integrated camera, guide the machinist with few steps through the milling program, supporting with self-explanatory icons and realistic 3D tool illustrations and components help quickly identify various functions. The absolute highlight of the machine is the combination of the camera in the interior with the sensitive multi-touch display. The user sets up a workpiece with swipe gestures, so a time-consuming manual entry of complex numerical data is obsolete. The milling operation is illustrated in a 3D simulation to allow corrections before the actual milling process. After super quick setup of the part, the user can rely on the proven high-speed DATRON milling quality.

    Highest manufacturing quality with maximum economy

    DATRON milling machines are characterized by a high machine rigidity, which is considered an important aspect of the high-speed machining. The rigid, vibration-resistant construction of DATRON’s very compact gantry machines ensures excellent surface quality during the milling process and therefore accurate results. At AMB 2016, visitors can experience the large-scale, high-precision milling machine DATRON MLCube LS in economic panel processing live with chips flying. It is suitable for the production of front panels and enclosures made of aluminum. At AMB the MLCube LS, which is DATRON typical in spite of the relatively large working space (travel 1,520 mm x 1,150 mm x 245 mm), a relatively small footprint (2,410 mm x 2,280 mm x 1,950 mm) required, milling a complex workpiece from the aerospace industry. The innovative milling technology of the DATRON M8Cube was developed for machining high-tech materials and has become indispensable in many industries and applications. At AMB Stuttgart visitors of the DATRON booth can experience the dynamic production of highly precise microwave antennas with a filigree cutter geometry. Both DATRON machine solutions provide users with inexpensive multiple added value: the highest quality with minimal processing time within the smallest space.

    The strife of DATRON AG to continuously provide highest quality in short production times, is reflected in the brandnew 4-in-1 single flute end mill. The balanced, wiper flat and twice polished tool is shown in addition to a selection of other innovative products from the tool portfolio and accessories. Trade visitors of AMB cab experience that the 4-in-1 single flute end mill is largely distinguished by higher deliveries and feed rates, whereby the user can save valuable working time and enjoy lower production costs. The multi talent makes itself thus indispensable for an economic production.