Prototyping Flexibility


"Prototypes are one of the major challenges in everyday milling. The versatility of the DATRON neo is proven by its ability to handle a variety of materials with high-quality results."

With DATRON neo, milling is easy and efficient. Milling strategies like pocketing, chamfering, thread milling and creating 3D forms can all be performed quickly using this 3-axis compact milling machine. Prototypes made of composites, engineered plastics, metal or wood are produced quickly and with a consistently high quality.

DATRON neo equipped with a vacuum chuck shows its flexibility in these examples of prototype parts made of PU foam, acrylic and CFRP (below). This includes:

  • Milling of challenging and abrasive materials
  • Glass-like curved surface on acrylic
  • No need for post-processing
  • Optional dust extraction for a clean machine interior

Precise 3D and flat surfaces

Project Details

Polyurethane Foam

38.5 mm x 61.5 mm x 6 mm
10 Minutes (on a DATRON neo+)

Set-up and machining times

Very short set-up and machining times due to the perfect matching of Industrial technology, software, tools and milling strategy, everything from one single source: DATRON.