For the Love of Milling

| Created by DATRON AG

The latest DATRON neo user tutorial inspires CNC enthusiasts not only due to the revolutionary easy operation of the compact milling machine but also delivers the perfect Valentine's Day gift.

The latest DATRON neo user tutorial delivers the perfect Valentine's Day gift.

High dynamics are among the central requirements for a high-speed milling machine. However, other aspects such as high surface quality and precise drilling, especially in mold making, are the basis for optimum milling results.

In the latest DATRON neo user tutorial, DATRON AG, a medium-sized engineering specialist from Germany, shows CNC enthusiasts how to create a last-minute Valentine's Day gift that makes your better half’s heart beat faster. The DATRON neo proves that, besides high dynamics, it offers excellent surfaces, making it an ideal solution for mold making.

With DATRON neo milling is not only easy but efficient. All functions such as profiles, radii, 3D surfaces, toothings or threads can be facilitated quickly and with high quality using this 3-axis compact milling machine. The DATRON all round talent for small batches and prototype construction shows high dynamics, especially when processing aluminium, and implements a wide range of milling strategies in a very short time.  

You still have no gift for Valentine's Day? No problem.


Learn how to easily manufacture one in our heart-melting video tutorial