Filigree parts such as the DATRON spider are produced on the DATRON neo with the highest surface quality. Thanks to the use of the VacuCard+++ even the smallest parts hold without problems. In addition, the vacuum clamping technology offers minimum set-up times. Gluing on, laying on, sucking in and milling off.

In total, the DATRON spider consists of 23 individual parts. The application example shows the precision and dynamics of the DATRON neo and many other advantages of the smart all-rounder:

  • Thin-walled geometries
  • Precisely fitting details
  • Results without postprocessing

Project Details

Aluminium, black anodized

250 mm x 200 mm x 30 mm
ca. 45 minutes

Set-up and processing time

Minimal set-up time due to the use of vacuum clamping technology. Gluing on, laying on, sucking in - ready to use

  • Secure hold of the filigree parts with VacuCard+++
  • 23 parts
  • Engraving of the DATRON logo and eyes