Composite materials feature a plastic matrix that is usually connected to individual layers of brittle fibre reinforcement in a layered structure. These materials don‘t forgive anything and mercilessly show you their weak points during the machining process. Efficiency and a dust-free working environment for obtaining clean results without burrs and delamination are therefore of the highest priority when machining carbon fibre reinforced plastics.

Optionally, DATRON neo comes with a dust extraction system which sucks the dust created during milling out of the work area, for optimal results. Whether it's G10 and FR4, Torlon or Delrin, DATRON neo is up to the task.

Project Details


62 mm x 62 mm x 2 mm
2 Minutes (on a DATRON neo+)

Set-up and machining times

Very short set-up and machining times due to the perfect matching of Industrial technology, software, tools and milling strategy, everything from one single source: DATRON.